Fundraisers/Charity Events

Here’s a great spin on how to make a night donating that much more fun!  Make it a night to remember for your guests by them contributing to your cause, and let NEW Piano Guys to do the heavy lifting.  Your guests get to have a fun night having all of their contributions toward their favorite requests provided back to the event itself!  Again, all gratuities we receive for song requests are provided directly to the event!  WE GIVE IT BACK!  How about that?  With these events, our entertainers are working FOR the cause!  Guests can bring the ol’ checkbook and cold hard cash to get some entertainment out of their generous donations!  We can even be the voice for announcements, awards, raffle numbers, and special recognition of those that work so hard to put these important events together.  NEW Piano Guys delivers a guaranteed unique and memorable experience associated with your wonderful and noble event!  Contact us, or fill out the simple form below to get started!